Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5826204 Contemporary art and the cultural creative industry 3.0 3
Description The contemporary concept is floating. It not only keeps changing and flashily existing, but also presents the reflection of epochal thought and demotic life. Therefore, the boundary of contemporary art is not divided by its time, style, and form, but its core spirit: an open attitude, an exploration, and an artistic soul that pierces the social beating at the moment. As for the cultural creative industry, it has been a sunrise industry that the government actively boosts in the recent years. Being the members of Graduate Institute of Innovation and Design, we have to understand the variety, miniaturization, and distribution of the characteristics in the type of industry. Besides, we try to combine it with the essence of contemporary art. This course aims to elevate students' understanding in two levels by visiting, researching, or holding extension courses about the different types of cultural artistic industries: talent nurture, research development, information integration, financial