Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5825204 Creative Speaking-Industry Visits(II)-Female Enterprise Culture and Leadership Styles 1.0 1
Description n order to expand the subsequent benefits of Industry Visits (I), students will pay a number of visits to some enterprises to learn the female enterprise culture and leadership styles. The teacher will take students to visit many different female enterprises and have an on-site inspection for different types of female entrepreneurs. There are several challenges women would be confronted at work, such as related business start-up laws, special reports, business start-up resources, self-evaluation, substantial cases, research team, and famous female entrepreneurs. As a member of the Graduate Institute of Innovational Design, we must know the characteristics of women starting up a business, which would be helpful for enterprises to understand the groups/customized needs and their targets, and then those enterprises should try to synthesize culture and art into their companies. In terms of substantial female enterprise cases, this course will help students to intensify their understandings