Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5825203 Creator(II) --Creative Models of women 1.0 1
Description In order to extend the subsequent benefits of Creator (I), there will be a series of speeches given to explore women's career and business start-up this semester. We will invite several female experts to help plan a different business start-up course for women who are ready to start up a business, who already started a business, and who are willing to start up a business. They will learn related business laws, special reports, business start-up teaching materials, self-evaluation, substantial cases, research team, and famous female entrepreneurs. In the know-how part we offer business start-up assessment, business evaluation, and how to write a business start-up proposal. We will invite an organization which has a myriad of experiences in women business startups to establish a "Taiwan Women Business Startup Forum". This forum will be used to share much more business startup information that could be beneficial to women who want to run a business in the advent of M-shaped society. Stre