Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5805031 Innovation Design and Business Management 3.0 4
Description As the forecasting of Moor's law, In today's rapid progressing technology and economic Era, The traditional rule of business management and product development, will no longer be effective. "What business needs now is design, What design needs now, is making it about business" Beth Comstock. SVP. GE. and Co-Chair. DMI. Conference 2011.The Vice Chair of American Design Management Institute. The cover story of Business Week,2005 5/31 " B school today, tomorrow will be D school", The Business Review of Harvard University "The CEO today should be a designer, not just to hire them" Innovation and the utilization of design thinking, will play the main role, In the future business development, This curriculum is the core course of innovative design thinking, for business manager and product and service innovator. The main reference material of the course are "Innovation by Design" Gerard H, Gaynor, 3M former Head of Product Development, and "The Design of Business" by Roger Martin, and the