Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5702013 Distribution Channel Management 3.0 3
Description There are five sections in this course. The first section¡Fthe basic concepts of retailing which the fundamental concepts, the models of organization and the future tendency are introduced. The second section¡Fthe skills of retailing planning, the strategy and research are discussed. The analysis of business circle and store location is decided by several different technologies. The third section¡Fthe way of establishing organization and managing the human resources, the financial planning, and budgeting are included. The fourth section¡Fthe combination of marketing, the concept of 4P¡]product, price, path and promotion¡^, the shop design and product demonstration, produce purchasing and managing, the decision of price and the activities of promotion are included. The fifth section¡Fthe future implementation of retailing, the direct selling and green retailing are included. The use of high-tech in retailing, Internet marketing and virtual store is discussed in this section.