Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5605073 Mold engineering 3.0 3
Description Mold Engineering is to familiarize not only beginners in mold design but also more experienced mold designers with an engineering approach to mold design. In addition, mold engineering is also recommended mold knowledge to any individuals, such as sales and service personnel, in the plastic industry who need to understand mold in their activities. This course is divided into four sections: (1) Basics about Mold, Injection Machine, Plastics, and Products. (2) General Mold Design Guideline: mold layout, gate, runner, venting, ejection, mold cooling. (3) Specification of the Mold: mold parts and material, mold machining, strength and fatigue. (4) Mold Performance: mold life, cycle time, wall thickness, product size and shape. (5) Special Injection Molding: Coinjection molding, Insert molding, Gas-assistant injection molding, over molding, micro injection molding, Metal injection molding, Ceramic injection molding.