Course Description

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5425708 Knights, Monsters, Castles and Other Things Medieval in Hollywood Movies and Japanese Anime 3.0 3
Description The Medieval Period can be defined broadly as that period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the 15th century Italian Renaissance íV a dark time, if one is to believe the men of the Renaissance, in need of light, knowledge, modernization. Yet the stories of these dark ages íV of Arthur and his knights, the Holy Grail, dragons and princesses íV continue to be retold and enjoyed in modern books and films. This course will examine the paradoxical phenomenon of modern medievalism, looking at the varied ways the modern West has borrowed, celebrated, and rewritten its medieval past, a culture strangely as alive now as it was a thousand years ago. We will consider, too, how western medieval stories and images are also being cleverly adapted and transformed in modern Japanese pop culture by anime and manga artists.