Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5425607 Women Writers and Artists 3.0 3
Description The aim of this course is to guide students toward a panoramic view and in-depth understanding of women's creativity at its highest level of achievement in the realms of British/American literature and the modern arts since the late nineteenth century. We will study the most representative works by women writers in each of the following literary genres: poetry, short stories, novels, drama (and screenplays), and essays. We will also explore masterpieces of artworks by female artists in the following fields: film, photography, paintings and architectural designs. Students will be asked to explore the correlation among the significance of the writer/artist's works, the cultural background she is/was situated, and the individual talents and temperament of the writer/artist herself. The purpose of these investigations is to answer the following questions: What do literature and art have to do with femininity in the modern world? What do literature and art mean to women?