Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5425506 Period Studies in Literature and Culture 3.0 3
Description From the dawn of the 20th century until approximately the time of WWII, a new perspective arose in Western literature and culture. The modernist aesthetic called for new ways of seeing, reading and conceiving the world. Text and visual art changed, both formally and thematically, and a new and enduring art form-cinema-came into being. We will be reading poetry, prose texts and dramatic works by key Modernist figures, viewing paintings and film representative of the era, and listening to a new kind of American classical music-jazz-shape itself from its blues roots. Through exposure to Modernist literature, visual art, music and film, students will be able to acquire a more sophisticated, nuanced view of modernity in its aesthetic expression, and a greater appreciation for the manner in which art and culture continually shape and reshape one another.