Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5425505 Technology and Modern Literature 3.0 3
Description Science and technology are powerful modes of knowing about the world and ourselves, and the rich and varied responses of writers to these ways of knowing. The writers whose works we'll be looking at use art to question the ways that science and technology interact with and alter our understanding of the world, human nature and the human condition. People do not need a formal background in science to enjoy and excel in this course, just a lively intellectual curiosity. A few background essays will help you understand many of the scientific concepts and attitudes we will encounter in the literature we read. While the course does have a central thematic interest in science and technology, our main focus will always be on analyzing literature and its interaction with science and technology. We will continually ask how form, or the construction of a literary work, relates to content, or the meaning of a literary work. This means our main focus will be to analyze the techniques that writers