Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5415114 Internship and Field Research 3.0 18
Description This course aims at expanding the application and research capability of graduate students by employing the students in public agencies and private companies through internship during a semester, the summer break, or the winter break. Students need to accumulate at least 320 internship hours in an agency or a company approved by the advising faculty member. Upon the completion of the internship, the agency/company provides a certificate of completion and a score based on the student's performance. This score takes up 50% of the student's overall score in this course. Students need to keep a work log detailing the assignments at the agency/company and complete an internship report, both of which are to be submitted to the advising faculty member as the base of score. This score takes up another 50% of the student's overall score in this course.