Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5415113 Discourse Analysis and English Writing 3.0 3
Description Discourse as a stretch of spoken or written language constitutes a semantic unit to convey certain communicative meanings and intentions. It demands an orderly use of language in terms of a high level of lexical cohesion as well as logical coherence. This course will employ real-world English writing as a springboard to the analysis and understanding of semantic scaffolding of a discourse. Such a practice aims to help students develop skills in English writing along with those in critical thinking. Topics to be addressed may include the following: The sense-making expressions and structures in English; The impacts of L1 linguistic/conceptual schemas on the L2 discourse; The lexical/discursive appropriateness in relation to ideological complexes; The conventional and creative discursive patterns and lexical choices in English; The system of values and beliefs that constitutes the English-language communication mode; The cognitive sophistication and conceptual fluency.