Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5415111 Teaching ESP 3.0 3
Description When it comes to ESL/EFL teaching and learning, traditional teaching methodology has its major emphasis on theories of teaching and learning general English. Methods and approaches in the ESL/EFL classrooms, material implementation, course design and assessment do not meet the demands in the fast-growing market for function-specific professional English teaching personnel. While the pedagogical courses acknowledges the importance and necessity of preparing students with the ESL / EFL teaching basics, it is particularly our mission to expand the ESL /EFL horizon into a new realm of ESP/EPP-specific teaching contexts with the necessary tools, resources, and techniques in implementing ESP/ EPP courses. Quarrying out knowledge from both English pedagogy and ESP / EPP theories and applications, students are prepared to establish the tailor-developed ESP / EPP programs for specific industries and corporations for pre-career training and in-job trainings as well. From diagnostic needs analys