Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5415105 English Pragmatics in the Era of Globalization 3.0 3
Description In the wake of globalization, a message encoded in one culture may have to be decoded in the other, which entails the ability of making sense of a discourse through a strong awareness of language pragmatics in contextualization. English as the language for international communication has made English education worldwide strive to incorporate a systematic exploration of global organizational language. This course aims to address the potential applications of English pragmatics to fields such as media and business and simultaneously develop awareness for critical thinking, which may include the following topics: The linguistic and cultural challenges of naturally-occurring English to EFL comprehension; The covert/indirect/figurative use of expressions in English-language media and corporate discourses; The contextual senses and variations in meaning of a discourse based on the matrix of sociocultural experiences and occurrences; The pragmatic and symbolic dimensions in the