Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5401205 Contemporary Popular Fiction 3.0 3
Description Contemporary popular novels originally written in English, such as the Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Time Traveler's Wife, and the Twilight, have a strong appeal to readers worldwide, but non-native English speakers often enjoy these works in translated versions or film adaptations. To encourage our students to read these popular English novels in the original language, the instructor will choose four novels of various subject matters and use them as effective teaching materials in the classroom. The objectives are (1) to enrich students' cultural background knowledge of the English speaking world today, (2) to cultivate students' life-long reading habit of keeping up contemporary materials, and (3) to strengthen their critical thinking as well as language skills, especially reading and writing, through line-by-line close readings in the context and guided discussions on the narrative structures of the whole fiction.