Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5235421 Theories on History of Architecture 1.0 18
Description This course is focused on theories and establishment of architectural history. It is divided into two parts íV one is on the 18th Century after the Enlightment, till the dawn of French Revolution ; the other is on the 20th Century, till the period of post World War II. The first part is the first phase of Modern Architecture, from the very first industrial development, its influence of new building materials and techniques, and the new imagination of architecture. This part will be working on the so-called ím Visionary Architects ín. The second part is the flourish phase of Modern Architecture, going through the mature period of Industrial Revolution, the changing aspect of new ideas, architectural and spatial forms. This course will be working on the architects and their projects, to see how architectural historians make their approach and forming to the theories of Architectural History.