Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5235417 Healthy Architecture and Environment 3.0 3
Description The main goal of this class is to pursue sustainable development and human health. In order to enhance the quality of residential and living environment in both existing and new-build dwellings, the course will cover important principles and topics in sick building environment, including medical, regulation, and architecture, chemical and biological. Specific contents include:(1)Immunology: to introduce the interactions between the immune system and the factors of sick building syndrome (SBS) and some specific pathogens.(2)Behavioral science: to investigate the influence of dietary and habit changes on environmental and human health.(3)Medical care: to introduce the difference and the response strategies between sick building syndrome (SBS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)(4)Daily life: to investigate the influence of daily articles and resident behavior on environmental and human health.