Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5221427 Special Topics on Creative City and City Planning 3.0 3
Description The creative city is crucial to urban transformation in the future of our city. It means to encourage leaders,industries, and citizens to think, plan, create and realize urban innovation, inspired by the city to find their own development potential, combined with local cultural assets and characteristics, to enhance the creative economy through urban development planning and the city's competitiveness. The course aims at framing cultural creativity, industrial innovation and urban planning as main thoughts on the basis of research. Literature review including definition, characteristics, conditions, indicators, types of assessment, and then to explore with the cases of innovation and regeneration around the world. How they think urban issues, planning and implementation on creative actions, and how the actions used in urban planning.Courses via interactive analysis among the creative city,urban planning and practices,to figure out development strategies and programs available to learn.