Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5211441 Urbanism,Design and Regeneration 3.0 3
Description Urbanization was the most great trends and issues around the globe in 20 century. There will be 70% population lived in the urban area in 2050. Therefore, what the urban is, how to design the urban, and how to regenerate the urban is a very important acknowledge, especially for Architect and Planner. Urban design was technologies of the Kings rulings in past years. Along with the modernity era coming, urban design becomes a technologies for human scale and aesthetics, which response the disabilities of urban planning. Many of theories, approaches and tools are introduced in urban design groups which expect to improve urban society and environment. In the meant time, developmental thinking is a mainstream in city population, driving city growth and wrecking human scale of the city, which urban renewal policy was introduced in the city politics. There are extremely contradiction between urban design and urban renewal. Urban is an unhappy society, we must live in. How to solve the