Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5211408 Architecture Safety and Disaster Prevention 3.0 3
Description The subject will be presented in three partsPart One - (1) Literature retrospection; (2) Fundamental planning for disaster prevention; (3) An integrated disaster prevention organization.Part Two -The major contents to be addressed include (1) Formation of urban disaster cataclysm and risk; (2) Urban disaster prevention plan and regional disaster protection system planning; (3) Principles for planning disaster prevention system in urban plan; (4) Operational standards and organization for urban disaster prevention; (5) Operational guidelines for urban disaster prevention; (6) Realization and formation of trouble free urban plan.Party Three -. The major contents are (1) Introduction; (2) rehabilitation theory; (3) Current development in Tsaotun City; (4) Establishment of damage survey method and rehabilitation procedures; (5) Detail analysis of damage survey report and preparation of rehabilitation plan content.