Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5201438 Rethinking urban social infrastructure in contemporary cities 3.0 3
Description In the contemporary word, especially in globalized cities, infrastructure is hard to define for many reasons and at some points infrastructure is also often invisible to its users. This class will therefore seek to rethink the subject of infrastructure from particular perspectives which frame the structure of this module. We then proposed a join-class with Taiwan study centre at University of T?bingen, Germany for wider debates and teaching possibilities as well. There will be two academic discourses-Architecture and sociology involved and formed into five sessions which can be seen in course syllabus. In so doing, it will focus on firstly by reading theory; secondly, by examining specific case studies that illustrates how these theories manifests themselves; and thirdly, by considering how these infrastructures may be changing the understanding of contemporary globalized cities and reproducing urban networks in different fields and countries.