Course Description

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5201430 Analysis on Historicity of Cities and Architecture 3.0 3
Description Every city has its own historic context and traces, even though the historical fate and cultural characteristic shape some similar aspects of some cities. But, just like the look of human being, people look alike, but no one looks the same (except for twins). It doesnˇ¦t exist two identical cities. We would like to observe how a settlement or a city develops from its origin, and to read the characteristic of its space. We also try to learn to understand a city from its geographical environment, forms of streets and blocks, architectural types of diverse ages, styles of facades and even the constructive materials, etc., that is, from the development of its urban fabrics, to decode its spaces. No matter if those cities were planned with strong geometrical character, or expanded gradually with organic forms, we would study them in this seminar. Just as what we just describe on a city, one building or a group of buildings has their life history to be browsed. Different from a city, the