Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
5107005 Special Topics of Solar Cell 3.0 3
Description The major purpose of this course is to provide a common framework in the basic principle and future development of solar energy to students. First, the focus of this course is on the materials properties and applications for photovoltaic, and will describe the properties of these organic photovoltaic materials that play an important role in their photovoltaic applications and explains the fundamentals to students. At the same time, the course provides a general overview and discussing mechanisms, modeling, systems, and devices. Discussions include sunlight capture, excitation diffusion and dissociation, interface properties, charge recombination and migration, and a variety of currently developing OPV materials/devices. In addition, this course also describes and explains the fundamentals of organic/plastic solar cells in a manner accessible to students. It provides a comprehensive analysis and discuss of the operational principles underlying several types of solar cells that have abs