Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4906591 Cross-Cultural Creativity and Entrepreneurship 3.0 3
Description This course is specifically designed for our students who have the heart of passion and willingness to become great leaders after graduation for their future career. Through dynamic brain-power training, knowledge and intelligence building, case study and international simulations, we will activate the creative genes in each one of our students. We will build their creative thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem solving abilities. In the spirit of inspirational leadership, we will develop their creative marketing, managerial and organizational skills in the process of entrepreneurial case study and simulations. Students will be able to draw upon their cross-cultural knowledge and learn how to apply what they have learnt in our business schools. The main topics to be covered include cross-cultural business etiquettes, creative designing, innovative marketing, cross-cultural communication, analytical planning, cross-cultural negotiation, risk-taking, and