Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4906023 Presentation for Academic Papers 2.0 2
Description In today's international scientific community, an academic professional is required to present his/her scientific works in a professional manner in English. It is necessary that a scientist can deliver his/her own idea in a clear and precise language. This course is designed to prepare the students with the ability doing academic presentation in an international conference. The contents of this course include the improvement of students' English proficiency, the introduction of the academic presentation format, and the delivery of key findings by using data visualization skills. It is required that the students should have basic English capacity and can read a scientific report written in English. The course material would be delivered by the instructor through weekly class literature and the team work projects. By the end of semester, the students would know the popular sentences used to express their result findings. The students would also learn how to make their own academic p