Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4502101 Electronics (I) 3.0 3
Description (1) Introduction to basic circuit components; (2)The review of basic circuit theories; (3)Introduction to the characteristics of semiconductors; (4)Circuit analysis techniques for semiconductor PN diode; (5)The applications of PN diode: Rectifier, Filter, Clipper, Clamper, and Voltage-doubler; (6)Special diodes: Light emitting diode(LED), Zener diode, etc.; (7)The operation principles of bipolar junction transistor(BJT); (8)DC biasing circuits for BJTs; (9)Small signal analysis for BJT circuits; (10)The classification of field effect transistor(FET): JFET, Enhancement-MOS, Depletion-MOS, VMOS, and CMOS; (11)The operation principles of FET; (12)DC bias circuits for FETs; (13)Small signal analysis for FET circuits