Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4406046 Technology Development and its Industry Engineering Practice 3.0 3
Description 1.To educate student to have a general comprehensive knowledge on green vehicle industry status, regulation, policy, powertrain technology and its Industry Engineering Practice including the development and maintenance processes of the powertrain, transmission, energy, control systems, and the industry practice at the product development center or the service station of the car company. 2.The powertrain system will include the mild-hybrid, full hybrid, pure motor drive, and fuel cell systems. The energy system will include the introduction of the lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion batteries, and their charging-discharging mechanism and its management devices. 3.This class will lead the students to be able to learn the process of the green vehicle development and also to have an opportunity to receive the lectures from the car maker experts on the car maker product development center or the service station.