Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4236109 Environment and geotechnical 3.0 3
Description ^巧z English Description Geotechnical Engineering related to environmental issues. Topics include: solid waste disposal, waste containment, and remediation technologies. This course provides an understanding of the use of geotechnical concepts in the analysis and design of environmental systems. Focus is placed on the evaluation of waste containment facilities, covers relevant aspects of geotechnical and remediation technologies of contaminated sites. Besides, graduates may work as part of a team investigating, designing and constructing solutions to waste containment and soil and groundwater pollution problems. This subject prepares students for this work by developing an understanding of the engineering concepts and processes and also by introducing students to specialist techniques, such as contaminant transport modelling, geosynthetics and soil materials use in waste containment, remedial issues of solidification and stabilization, landfill and surface impoundment related des