Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4236067 Database Design 3.0 3
Description Database (DB) is an integral part of any information management system, and has been playing a significant role in many academic programs and professions, including the civil engineering, construction engineering, and environmental engineering. In recent years, the development of Geographical Information System, Construction Decision Support System, and Geotechnical Data Bank all require practicing civil engineers to understand the principles of underlying data storage and to develop an effective style of data management to achieve competitiveness in the market place. Therefore, it is the focus of this course to guide the students to become familiar with various technical aspects of modern DB systems so that they can perform the above-mentioned tasks and become more employable. This course will cover areas such as data processing, conceptual DB design, relational data model, and normalization. The students are required to complete a semester project and implement a functional DB.