Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4235007 Flood Early Warning System 3.0 3
Description An integrated system is expected in this class to carry out flood simulation under the configuration close to real practice. The configuration includes: 1.forcing data from QPESUMS which is radar rainfall as well as NWP, numerical weather prediction, usually used in emergency response; 2.models considering rainfall round-off, channels, sewers, hydraulic structures, boundary conditions like tidal setup, and 2D overland flow to simulate the flooding area; 3.dynamic demonstration which presnets all the possible calculated results as 1D or 2D time series; 4.transformation contains spatial overlay, interpolation, and gap filling. Students are asked to setup the environment and familiar with the links among all the configuration. In addition, planning and response to a typhoon event with the system are encouraged as well as the system development.