Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4206015 Foundution Construction Disaster and Remedial Measures 3.0 3
Description ­^¤å¦WºÙ:Foundution Construction Disaster and Remedial Measures The hazand during foundation excavation is retaining wall failure, this may be caused by heaving¡Bboiling and piping¡C If excavation is conducted in granular soil in which retaining wall is found leaking, the migration of silty soil will trigger piping and eventually wall failure¡C If excave embedded depth of retaining wall and point walls are insufficient, this can cause boiling and lead to wall failure¡C If encavation is in cohesive soil and water content is higher than liquid limit, plastic flow will lead to huckling of bracing system and to the wall failure¡C After the various failure mechanisms are explained, how to identify the symptoms and how to take urgent remedial measures both technology and administration are explained accordingly¡C