Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4206012 Lifeline Earthquake Engineering 3.0 3
Description The ojbective of this course is to introduce the damage analysis of lifeline systems. It will cover: 1.Fault Movements 2.Seismoloty and Earthquake Engineering 3.Strong Ground Motion 4.The Calculation of Seismic Parameters 5.Site Responses 6.Geographical Information System 7.Probability and Regression Analysis 8.Earthquake Scenario Simulation 9.Water Systems 10.Natural Gas Systeems 11.Waster Water Systems 12.Electric Power Sustems 13.Oil Systems 14.Communication Systems 15.Repair and Replacement of Lifeline Systems This course will introduce the various tools that are needed in performing lifeline damage analysis to provide an overview of the problem. There is no prerequisite, and the course is suitable for students with geotechnical or structural background.