Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4205060 Advanced Topics in Construction Management 3.0 3
Description 英課名:Construct manage special discuss 1.Manage summary and make tactics. 2.Investigation manage key element analyze. 3.Engineering economy and financial affairs manage. 4.Construction procreation might analyze. 5.Construction risk manage. 6.Value engineering. 7.Engineering contract analyze. 8.Engineering disputes handle. 9.Construct automation and industrialization. 10.BOT and new way of purchasing mode. 11.Construct electron business affairs and construct information manage. 12.Electric network technology. 13.Engineering resource manage. 14.Engineering insurance and guarantee. 15.Construct affairs administration. 16.Engineering plan proposal and analyze. 17.Communicate and crisis handle. 18.Safety sanitation, environmental protection and neighbor loss mange. 19.Engineering laws and regulations. 20.Construct investigation manage.