Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4205047 Slope calamity prevention 3.0 3
Description Slope calamity prevention To understand slope -suffering, include global factors and specific nature factors, man-made factors and current slope-suffering in Taiwan to discuss the slope calamity prevention's method and principles. 1.the importance of slope calamity prevention 2.the global factors of slope calamity prevention 3.the cut velocity and slope slide overview 4.the frailest slope in Taiwan 5.the nature factor in Taiwan slope calamity 6.the man-made factor in slope calamity 7.the omen of slope damage 8.the general principles in slope calamity prevention 9.essential basic information of slope calamity prevention 10.slope calamity prevention and repair skill 11.the emergency treatment in slope calamity prevention 12.slope calamity case analyses