Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4205023 Concrete Technology 3.0 3
Description (1)Basic Material Porperties-An Overview. (2)Coment Hydration and Microstructure. (3)Concrete Strength Development. (4)Creep and Shrinkage of Plain and Structural Concrete. (5)Durabiltiy. (6)High-Temmperature Effent:Design of Fire Resistance of Concrete Structural Members. (7)Very Low Temperature Effects:Design of Concrete Vessels for Cryogenic Liquids. (8)Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics:tress Approach and Energy Approach. (9)Special Type of Concrete Materials(High Performance Concrete). (10)Micromecanics of Fibrous Composites-Elastic Modules and Stress-Strain Relation Tensile Strength of Fiber Reinforced Reinforced Composites.