Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4145024 SiP Prototyping Design and Applications 3.0 3
Description The goal of this course is that the students will learn SiP prototyping design and Applications. This course will introduce the systematic design methodology of the SiP technologies, partitioning, integration, Flip-Chip, wire bonding, muti-stacks, high density sticking, measurement. Moreover, the signal and power integrity analysis will be introduced here. Therefore, the students can use the properties of SiP substrate and schematics layout concept to implement the SiP design. The outline of this course are shown as follows: 1.Basic Principle of SiP Design 2.Interconnection Technologies Between Chips 3.Packing Technology of Die-level Stack 4.Flip-Chip Technologies 5.Wire Bonding Technologies 6.Muti-stacks Technologies 7.High density Sticking Technologies 8.Measurement Methods 9.Signal Integrity 10.Power Integrity 11.Design Case Study