Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4145002 System Prototyping and Hardware Software Design 3.0 3
Description The goal of this course is that the students will learn a system design and verification methodology under a provided system protoyping platform. First, the system partitioning techniques will be applied from given a system specification. Then, system hardware and software design method base on FPGA systems will be implemented and studies,respectively. Finally, System functional verification techniques will be discussed. The outline of this course are shown as follows: 1.Introduction to System Design Methodology 2.System Prototyping Platform 3.Hardware-Software Partitioning Techniques 4.Embedded Processor in FPGA system 5.Software Design for Embedded Processor of FPGA Based Systems 6.Hardware Design for FPGA Based Systems 7.System Integrated and Emulation 8.System Functional Verification 9.Design Case Study.