Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4125031 Digital Communications 3.0 3
Description 1.introduction :overview,information sources,channels,quality measurement,a closer look of modern digital communication systems 2.Signals and Systems:Fourier transform,linear systems 3.A/D Conversion :sampling ,quantization ,PCM 4.Probability and Random Process 5.Baseband Pulse Transmission :matched filters,ISI and shaping ,qeualization 6.Digital Passband Transmisson:ASK,PSK,QPSK,DPSK,FSK,QAM,MAK 7.Multiplexing and Spread Sprctrum Techniques:FDMA,TDMA,direct sequence and frequency hopping CDMA 8.Source Coding:entropy ,data compaction,Huffman coding,data compression,JPEG 9.Channel Coding :linear block codes,convolutional codes.