Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
4005126 Strategic planning 3.0 3
Description Basic analysis¡G1. Fundamental concept 2. Financial ratio analysis 3. ROE financial analysis¡FCompetition framework analysis¡G1. Value chain analysis 2. Static analysis 3. Dynamic analysis¡FIndustrial competitive analysis¡G1. Supply-demand analysis 2. lifecycle S curve 3. KPI and SWOT¡FInternal assessment¡G1. Organization analysis 2. Cost curve and learning curve¡F Special topics¡G1. Network impact 2. Cluster effect 3. Industrial innovation and star-up enterprises 4. Social enterprise¡F Integrated Industrial Analysis I: competitive analysis and knowledge fusion.¡F Integrated Industrial Analysis II: from analysis to strategic planning¡F Integrated Industrial Analysis III: from analysis to corporate management and investment valuation¡FIntegrated Industrial Analysis IV: business innovation and risk analysis.