Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3737004 E-Business Management 3.0 3
Description At present stage, globalization and multiple-sites running are evitable for enterprise to save cost and accomplish the aim of more profit. Therefore, E-business running is necessary to reach quicker response and share the updating information and documentation among multiple-sites and its supply chain. These information and documentation are accessed globally between marketing department, R&D department, production shop floor, financial department, service center, and retailers. To keep correct information and connection, enterprises have to acknowledge the flow process of each E-modules. More often, enterprises have to monitor each E-modules to guarantee the employee do their jobs based on correct and update information. In addition, the global competition became more intensive between supply chains. That is, a supply chain competes with another supply chain. Therefore, the collaborative capabilities for the members within a supply chain became more crucial.