Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3736041 Business Research Methods 3.0 3
Description The objective of this course is to help students build up the knowledge/skills in business research methods. The content of the course can be divided by two major parts. The first part will begin from the introduction of thesis structure, followed by how to write the introduction, literature review, methodology, data collection, result analysis, discussion, remarking and reference. The format of thesis will also be illustrated by some class examples. The second part of the class will begin from the introduction of different quantity methods commonly used in business research methods today. The categories of research methods and their applicable problems are then presented using real-world case studies. Students can learn different decision-making tools through lectures, discussion, assignment, term-projects and in class practices. The main methods include AHP, ANP, TOPSIS, VIKOR, DEMATEL, Gray Relation Methods, Fuzzy Set Theory, Rough Set Theory and some basic multivariate analysis.