Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3733008 Business Ethics & Sustainability Management 2.0 2
Description The first objective of this course is to appreciate the essential of Business Ethics through five main faucets: recognizing socially acceptable business conduct from the global perspectives, embedding good business in treating people nice and fair, reengineering corporate image, enhancing professional ethics, and investing in sustainable and socially responsible corporations. This course also discusses with the students the corporate governance that follows business ethics in today's changing business society. Five major categories will be covered: (1) Corporate social responsibility, (2) Consumer protection, (3) Employee's rights and benefits, (4) Responsibility of employee to the firms, and (5) Employer-employee relations. The second objective is to further explain the definitions of ESG and SDGs, and then to root the concept of sustainable management to students through local and international case studies.