Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3724016 value Marketing 3.0 3
Description Value Marketing: the idea is that only when buyers expect and obtain more value than they have to pay for the product or service in question will they become and remain customers. The Value Marketing Chain differs from Porter's value chain in that it pull strategy and process to the customer closer and to the organization, to develop metrics to help value marketing's contribution, and to assess the effect of these strategies in developing long-term value for the organization. This course focus in 9 links: (1) Principles of value creation. (2) The marketing value driver. (3) Value-based marketing Strategy. (4) Building Brand Equity. (5) Pricing for value. (6) The value marketing chain (7) Value-based Communications and deliveries. (8) Value-based Internet marketing. (9) Evaluating the results of these steps.