Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3706080 Research & Development Management 3.0 3
Description The capabilities of innovation and R&D have become one of the most important competitive issues for industries in Taiwan. In order to meet the trend and facilitate these capabilities for mfg, industries in Taiwan, well-trained personnel with innovative and R&D skills is critical at present stage. Therefore, the course "Research & Development Management" in graduate school of IEM of NTUT contains follow topics: 1. Development Processes and Organizations, Product Planning 2. Identifying Customer Needs & QFD 3. Product Specifications 4. Concept Generation 5. Concept Selection 6. Concept Testing 7. Product Architecture 8. Industrial Design 9. Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, cost, and quality (Design for X) 10. Prototyping 11. Introduction for Six Sigma and its applications 12. R&D project management.