Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3704056 Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence 3.0 3
Description The objectives of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are to study the relationship between corporation and customer, to increase the profit by customer lifetime value through customer satisfaction and royalty. The topics of this course includes concepts and context of CRM, consumer behavior, customer data mining, CRM system, planning and management of CRM projects, performance measurement of CRM. Business intelligence (BI) systems refer to applications and technologies which gather and analyze data about company operations. It then provides a comprehensive correlation of those factors, such as metrics on sales, production, internal operations, and helps managers to make better business decisions. This course focuses on applications of BI in CRM, with the introduction of shop floor control concepts and data collection techniques such as RFID, along with database and data warehouse concepts. Hands-on experience in BI software implementation is also emphasized.