Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3645037 Intelligent Vehicle Communication Network System Design 3.0 3
Description The purpose of this course is to discuss and design the intelligent vehicle network communication system. The course contents include: vehicle communication technology, internal connection network communication system, LIN (Local Interconnect Network) communication protocol, CAN (Controller Area Network) communication protocol, FlexRay communication protocols, MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport). The wireless communications and Ethernet systems in vehicle will be discussed. The gateway design between the various communication protocols is introduced. The procedure of this course uses lecture presentation and to practice system implementation. The course outline is as follows: 1.Introduction 2.LIN communication protocol and system 3.CAN communication protocol and system 4.FlexRay communication protocol and system 5.MOST communication protocol and system 6.Gateway design 7.Wireless communication and Ethernet (Ethernet) system 8.Project research