Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3615043 Advanced Computer Vision 3.0 3
Description This course includes fundamental and advanced topics in computer vision with a focus on image recognition, machine learning, and applied computer vision principles for Android devices. Advanced topics in computer vision including scene modeling, 3D reconstruction, motion analysis, object tracking, pattern recognition, and mobile computer vision, with embedded Android devices. These subjects could be taken in either order. (1) Image and video formation (2) Low-level visual processing (3) Image transforms (4) Image categorization (5) Contour and texture analysis (6) Segmentation and grouping (7) Motion analysis and visual tracking (8) Camera models and calibration (9) Scene modeling and 3D reconstruction (10) Pattern recognition (11) Mobile computer vision on Android devices (12) Low-level visual processing with Android (13) Contour and texture analysis with Android (14) Feature Detection with Android (15) Real-time computer vision on Android