Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3615042 Design, Applications, and Measurement of Industry Cameras 3.0 3
Description This course is concerned with the design, applications, and measurement of h industry cameras, which includes the basic various characteristics of image sensors, analog and digital processes, and some applications of industry cameras. Its purpose is to deal with the design, applications, and measurement of industry cameras, emphasizing fundamentals as well as new paradigms that students need to master in today's industry. The course covers the following topics. (1)Introduction and specifications of high-resolution cameras (2)Introduction and specifications of industry cameras (3)Design of Analog Front End (AFE) processing: Specification design, High-resolution sensor, Analogy-Digital Converter (ADC), and Timing control circuit. (4)Image module design: Specification design, Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Color Filter Array Interpolation, Color Correction Matrix, Filter, Dynamic Range Correction. (5)High-speed interface design of industry cameras (6)Design of industry cameras applie