Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3615040 Patent Application and Protection 3.0 3
Description Over the past sixty years, as the discipline of biomedical engineering has evolved, it has become clear that it is a diverse, seemingly all-encompassing field that includes such areas as bioelectric phenomena, bioinformatics, biomaterials, biomechanics, bioinstrumentation, biosensors, biosignal processing, biotechnology, computational biology and complexity, genomics, medical imaging, optics and lasers, radiation imaging, tissue engineering, moral and ethical issues. This course will be designed primarily for engineering students who have completed physical equations and a basic course in statics of chemistry and biology. Students in their sophomore year or junior year should be adequately prepared for this course. This course will be learning about human anatomy, biophysics, physiology, and biomedical engineering. It brings together a number of disciplines to help understand biomedical phenomena and the instrumentation that can be used to monitor these phenomena. It is primarily abo