Course Description

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsHours
3604154 Technology Innovation Business and Marketing Strategy 3.0 3
Description The course is designed to target the development of Innovation Vocation, maximize the value of the brand as the core, and then design and implementation of brand marketing programs, analysis of how to operate a new brand value, and create a cultural industry in the advantages of brand and brand equity. To combine with the STP model of marketing and SMART Strategy, the target customers in the international market, the systematic strategic marketing, linking customers, managing the members in the channel and learning the channel design method. Use teamwork spirit to build the competitive advantage in the commercial channel. The teaching mode of the course: using the Taipei Tech classic Practice-Engineer training model, emphasizing the hands-on OJT (On Job Training) method. There will be a large number of hands-on exercises in the classroom, and a number of homework and exercises. After this course, students will have the basic business model knowledge and ability of micro-enterprises.